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Ragnar Benson is totally committed to providing a safe and injury free workplace for our employees, subcontractors, visitors and the public. Our objectives are to follow safe work practices and behaviors, to cease work right away if we need to correct any unsafe working conditions, and to complete construction projects with no lost time due to accidents.

We require each of our employees to undergo rigorous safety education and employee training developed by our professional Risk Management team. All work must be performed in full compliance with established Ragnar Benson safety policies and must satisfy the OSHA requirements for construction and for the industry. As a result, we've earned the Safety & Health Award for Outstanding Safety Performance from the Illinois Safety Council and the Safety Achievement Award from the Lake County Contractors Association over many years.

Our project safety engineers, project managers, superintendents and subcontractors are key supervisory people in promoting safe practices and eliminating unsafe acts and conditions. And, since teamwork and coordination are vital to success, all employees, including subcontractors, are given a safety orientation and must attend regular “tool box” meetings reviewing safety rules and procedures. By incorporating safety practices into day-to-day work life, Ragnar Benson improves loss control and protects our people on every project.